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Globcal International Information

General information generic Top-Level Domain g(TLD) for Globcal International, the Global | Local International Non-State Network and cooperative digital ecosystem for global citizens and non-governmental organization employees engaged in the private-sector. Member diplomats, consular officers and ambassadors of Globcal International offer diplomatic consultancy, offshore incorporation, international legal personality, authorized travel credentials and electronic (remote) residence through the development of semantic web 3.0 credentials for participants that protect their identity through the 5G grid and IoT through encrypted real-time connection with their attributes profiles.

The website links provide information about program efforts developed for the public sector are elaborated on this (.info) website.

Dot Info (.info) Generic TLD

Non-State Diplomatic Consultancy for the Private Sector

Globcal International began its development in 2009 as a borderless social media network development agency and professional public relations engagement service for those involved professionally in the social media to complement their roles in life. The organization was formed first as a policy institute for social engagement and creative innovation think-tank (incubator); then later as a cooperative and a foundation that today is owned and controlled by its member stakeholders. In 2013 the organization began to convert from a purely decentralized virtual organization to a reality based manifestation with property, destinations, and now in 2018 with enclave trans-international blockchain nations in various countries of the world.

Currently the organization manages an area of 1000 square kilometers in the Northern Amazon with several indigenous tribes and has several initiatives involving property in Belize, Colombia and Panama. Globcal International Information WebSite is a non-state open-source index to global citizen blockchain stakeholdership and international legal personality.


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